Human capital development 

Programmes to enhance the acquisition of requisite skills: Working on Africa’s total education system, finding benchmarks and partnerships globally that will enable Africa to build necessary human resources for a 21st century globalized economy

Scientific Research and development

Building innovation processes that scan globally for science and technology advancements, ideas and inventions and build products and solutions to meet the needs on the market place and assistance in patenting

Strong collaborative partnerships 

Enabling open dialogue and collaboration among Government agencies, Private sector, Citizens and other Stakeholders such as NGOs and IGOs to inform partnerships and eliminate barriers to national programme implementation.

Building on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Accelerating the implementation of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) on the global market place to fund economic revival and infrastructure development across Africa

Invitation to Participate in Building a Rising Africa

AITC invites you to be part of new and rapidly emerging national advances in a Rising Africa. Your participation may but is not limited to: Opening corporate in-country or multiple regional branch operations in Africa, Providing gift funds, dealing with serious national problems such as delivery of clean safe water, fighting HIV Aids and Malaria. At AITC we will facilitate building businesses and supporting national efforts. 


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Africa Innovation Technology Center (AITC) is a 501(c)3, organization registered in Maryland USA with operating offices in Harare, Zimbabwe that brings together stakeholders in a 21st century National Building Program over a 20-25 year period.


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